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May your holidays be easy and your latkes crispy

Reflecting on A Year of Teaching

for the love of garlic paste

one pot of beans, endless possibilities...

some encouragement for home cooks this week

so much is overwhelming, gift guides don't have to be...

a favorite this-time-of-year salad

easy apple crisp (+ tons of variations!)

I could never write a recipe for this...

My November + December Class Schedule!!!

The Thrill + Joy of Naming the Things You Love to Eat

My favorite Instant Pot recipe (so far...)

What I brought on a camping trip!

Gingery Date Cake + October classes

The world is hard, breakfast doesn't have to be...

Honeymoon Chicken

The world is hard, lunch doesn't have to be...

AMA: A Thread!

Easy Roasted Tomato Sauce

The Joy of Menu Planning + The Pain of Meal Planning

Jammy Tomato Cobbler (!!) + Seven Questions

It's Tomato Time (and September classes are up!!!!!!!!!!!)

An Ode to My Air Fryer

On Appetites: Two More Podcast Episodes

The world is hard, dinner doesn't need to be...

On Appetites: Two New Podcast Episodes, Two More Coming

On Having an Unapologetic Appetite

The F Word: Fatphobia in the Food Industry

Pizzeria Salad

A(nother) Cake Recipe!

Greek Yogurt Cake with Jam

Seven Questions with Nina LaCour + Class Tomorrow

A Hopefully Helpful Thing: Two Very Simple Side Dishes

Lots of ideas for what to do with lots of types of produce + some thoughts about food pantries

My June + July Class Schedule

Seven Questions + Class Tomorrow!

A Hopefully Helpful Thing + A Thought: Blender Muffins...and Why Calling Them 'Healthy' is Complicated

Seven Questions mom!

Fortitude as relentless care. Home cooking as a reminder.

Seven Questions + Class Tomorrow

A thing you can do when you have too many fresh, leafy herbs

A hopefully helpful thing: how I prep leafy greens

My May 'Sundays with Julia' class schedule is live — you're the first to know!

Cooking as a practice, not a chore. And the Best Ever Matzo Balls (truly).

Food + Romance

The Unseen Hero of Simply Julia: Green Chile Braised Chicken Thighs with Pinto Beans