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The dangling carrot of a possible podcast return!!!! 🤞🤞🤞

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💕💕 anything in particular you’d want to hear?

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I would be 100% be into:

- a Convo with your Full Fridge Club business partner

-hearing more about founding Queer Barbell club / creating intentional community

- a(nother) Convo with Roxane Gay about your recent essay, collaborating, the essay series as a whole, what she's been cooking lately

-more interviews with queer people / marginalized voices in food

- literally anything! two of my fave eps were the Jasmine Guillory and Casey McQuiston ones that turned me into a feminist romance novel fan. I probably would have never got there on my own and who would have guessed that discovery would come out of a cooking podcast! 🙂

Regardless of if you resume, thanks for all the eps you have done. Clearly, I'm a fan

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Oooh yes please! I love your podcast and always treated myself to listening while hiking!

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